Function of the Winterization Line.

Winterization, also known as freezing out, is a process used to extract contaminates in the form of wax from plant oil. The winterization line is manufactured in both cyclic and continuous operations.


Winterization Line: Description

  1. With the pump H1 the non-freezed out oil is pumped into the crystallizer named E2.
  2. Perlite powder is added to crystallizer E2. In this apparatus oil is cooled down to 6ºC with refrigerant. The process lasts for 12 hours. The oil is stirred and the process of crystallization, conglomeration and building of wax crystals is carried out. These processes help to separate wax crystals in the filter.
  3. The refrigerant is moved through the crystallizer E2 coils and is pumped to tank E7. After this with the pump H8 refrigerant is pumped through a refrigerating unit XM6. There it is cooled down to the necessary temperature.
  4. From crystallizer E2 oil is transferred through the heat exchanger T4 for heating process. To avoid wax melting, the heating water temperature in tank T4 should be technologically calculated. Heat regulator of T4 helps keeping the necessary temperature. From heat exchanger the suspension is moved to vertical pressure filter Ф5 for filtration process.
  5. Right after the filtration the perlite filtering powder and oil suspension are drained through the filtering plates. The filtering plates retain grease, wax-like substances and filtering powder and the winterized oil is moved to tank with finished product.
  6. Oil feed to the filter Ф5 is stopped when the limiting percolation pressure is reached. The remaining non-filtered oil is moved to the tank E9.
  7. Remaining filtering sediment is purged with dry air to recondition the oil. Air and oil mixture is moved to Л14. They are separated there and the oil is carried to tank E9, the air is wasted.
  8. Vibration discharge of the sediment is carried out with the help pneumatic vibrator.
  9. The tank E9 is filled with oil to the upper level, and then perlite powder is added here. Following the short mixing cycle the oil suspension is moved into filter shell Ф5 with the help of pump H10. After filling of the filter bed precoating is carried out by means of oil circulation within E9-H10-Ф5. The isolation valves are turned to basic filtration.

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