Function of the Primary Purification Line

The primary purification line is used for extracting mechanically in-compressible contaminates found in pressed plant oil. They are designed and made for cyclic and continuous operations. Primary purification lines have a capacity of one thousand tons per day.

Principle of Primary Purification Lines operation.

Raw pressed oil is gathered in tank E2. With the aim of even filtering layer precoating and also avoidance of blockage of E2 tank pipeline with sediment, the process of oil mixing is accomplished with tank E2 mixing device.

The filter ought to be prepared before the filtration:

  • With the help of pump H1 crude oil is moved from tank E2 to filter reservoir Ф3. The appearance of pure oil on run-down box shows the filter being filled. After filling of the filter, the filtering layer precoating process is switched and carried out in circuit E2-H1-F3-E2.
  • The appearance of pure oil in run-down box indicates the layer being precoated. Isolation valves in such case are switched back to basic filtration (to the filtered oil tank).
  • Oil feed is stopped by means of pump H1, when the maximum pressure of filtration is reached. The remained non-filtered oil is drained to E2 tank.
  • The filter cake remained on the plates is purged with dry air. It helps to remove the oil and make the cake flowable. The separation process of oil and air takes place in the Л4 trap of E2 vessel.
  • Filter cake vibrational discharge is carried out from the filter screen. The process is carried out with switched on pneumatic vibrator and open bottom valve.

Filter Ф3 then takes over the operation.

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