Drying phosphatide line is indispensable equipment for such technological line as the hydration process.

The process of removing phosphate from vegetable oil is needed to improve the quality of the vegetable oils and for a special product - phosphatide concentrate used in various fields.

Drying phosphatide line performs the following list of works:

Hydrofusion of capacity E24n N25n pump is supplied to the dryer E63n. In the dryer E63n by centrifugal force screw special design Hydrofusion distributed thin film on the sidewall of the dryer E63n. Due to the steam supplied into the jacket of the dryer and the vacuum created by the steam jet unit Pb66n occurs Hydrofusion removing moisture from phosphatide concentrate to obtain. Phosphatide concentrate is discharged into the tank E64n where N65n pump is removed for storage. Barometric water is discharged into a barometric well Kb17d (section deodorization).

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