Function of the oil deodorization line.

Oil deodorization line is used to extract odorants from oil. Odorants are substances that impart unwanted flavor and smell to the finished oil product. Deodorization lines come in both cyclic and continuous operation designs.

Deodorization Line: Description

With the pump H6д the refined freezed-out oil is pumped from the unit E4д through heat-exchanger T9д. There it is heated up to the necessary temperature and constantly moved through the coils of deodorizer E7д lower section. In this part oil is heated to the needed temperature and flows to the tank of final heating E6д.
In the tank of final heating the oil is heated up to temperature 230-245°С with high-pressure steam under vacuum at barbotage of direct steam for distillation of the most volatile components and intensification of heat exchange. The steam generator ПГ12д of closed cycle is used for generating direct steam.

The heated oil is pumped to thinly-pellicle section of E7д deodorizer. Due to the developed mass exchange surface, created by special structured packing, the oil contacts with steam in the thin pellicle that intensifies the removal of fatty acids and other undesirable components and minimizes the consumption of steam.
After the thinly pellicle column oil moves through two conditioning sections the deodorizer E7д, where it is subjected to influence of high temperature, direct steam and deep vacuum.

In the deodorizer E7д lower section plant oil is cooled during barbotage of direct steam at the expense of heating of incoming oil. With the pump H8д the oil is moved out of E7д section through the heat exchanger, where it is cooled by incoming oil. Then in the heat exchanger T10д the oil is cooled once again with circulating water. The oil is transferred through one of the police filters (Ф11.1д or Ф11.2д) and moves for storage.

Vacuum system is a four-stage steam jet ejector block PB16d with two mixing condensers.

For reduction of vacuum system and barometric well dirtying the vapors from deodorizer move to E13d scrubber. In this scrubber the vapors are sprayed by means of cooled deodorization distillate with the aim of condensation of fatty acids. With the help of pump H14д fatty acids are pumped from the unit through heat exchanger T15д, where they are cooled by water. They circulate on contour E13д-H14д-T15д-E13д. The surplus of fatty acids is pumped out to the storage tank.
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