Vegetable oil adsorption line function.

The vegetable oil adsorption line is also known as the bleaching line. It is used to remove significant amounts of fatty acids, particular amount of phosphorous-containing substances, coloring agents and peroxide remaining in plant oil after alkali refining and degumming.

We can supply bleaching lines with the capacity up to 1000 tpd.

How the vegetable oil adsorption line works.

The bleaching line functions in two areas namely the adsorption area and the oil filtration area. Let’s briefly look at each of these two areas.

The adsorption area

Dried dozed oil from tankE1o is fed through the heat exchanger T16o with the help of pump H2o. There it is heated to the required temperature level with low-pressure steam. After the process it is moved to the vacuum-bleaching device E3o. With the pump H10o from tank E9o the citric acid solution is streamed into plant oil for soap and metal traces deactivation. By the dosing unit the adsorbent from the tank E11o is fed into unit E3o for vacuum-bleaching. The oil is mixed with the adsorbent in tank E3o. The received suspension moves to the unit top, where it is dispensed, and passing through a number of reflecting plates is accumulated at the unit bottom. The steam jet ejector unit ПБ 13o helps to keep vacuum in the unit.

Oil filtration area

The suspension with the help of pump H4o is moved from vacuum-bleaching device E3o to vertical filters Ф5,1o or another Ф5,2o f.r filtration. Through the filter plate (formed by inwashed filter bed and filter elements) the suspension is drained. In the result of this process the adsorbent remains on the plate and the oil through control valves Ф8,1o or Ф8,2o moves to deodorization line initial tank. Under the condition of needed filtration pressure the suspension flow is switched from one filter to another. The stopped filter is discharged. The residual filter volume is drained into unit E14o and dried with vapour. Moisture removing is carried out on water-drop eliminator – unit called E15o. Oil and moisture out of there are moved to tank E14o and vapour is wasted. By the way of sedimentation the oil and moisture are separated in tank E14o. The oil is drawn from time to time by vacuum.

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