Importance of Automated Process Control Systems

The automated process control system, simply referred to as process automation, is a key control process used in diverse industrial factories including oil, chemical, and other industries. An automation process system relies on a network of interconnected controllers, sensors, and operator terminals. The system is often based on an open standard unlike a distributed control system that is largely proprietary. Automated process control systems used today are run via a SCADA interface.

A process control system that is fully automated combines computer technology and software engineering to power and monitor functions of plants or factories in diverse industries. They ensure operations run smoothly, safely, and more efficiently.


In an oil extracting and pressing pant, automated process control systems are integral parts of the entire process. They allow you to implement and monitor different tasks while ensuring your objectives are met. They help you carry out repetitive procedures hands-free in the most efficient way. An enterprise can be equipped with an automated process control system in two ways:

  1. By first designing and setting up the process control system while erecting a new plant
  2. Or by reconstructing existing control systems with a complete or partial system.

We are leaders in the design and implementation of automated process control systems. Our automated systems are designed to perform in a real time scale. They accurately display different processing procedures as they happen in real time and control different processes including primary purification, winterization, deodorization, refinement and much more.

Why use automated controls? We usually recommend every plant to have an efficient automated process control systems because of the many advantages these systems provide. Here are just a few benefits that you get when you run your enterprise via automated process control architecture.

  • The system ensures you have a fully automated control over all the functions of your plant including produce manufacture and quality control.
  • The systems are easy to interpret and quite convenient too
  • They improve the working conditions of your plant’s staff. In fact with an automated control system you don’t need a large workforce as most of the functions are automatically run and monitored by the system. It saves you money that would have been spent on a larger workforce.
  • An automated process control system ensures the staff has all the necessary information regarding processing procedures. It gives updated reports on equipment status and quality of the product being processed.
  • A functional automated process control system helps to improve your equipment reliability and minimize severe accident risks.

Our company is well known for developing and manufacturing automated process control systems that work perfectly for lines with continuous and cyclic processing operations. Our systems are quite reliable in plant oil refinement.

Our automated process control systems provide:

  • A fully functional control cabinet featuring a microprocessor controller
  • Displays and controllers which include automatic valves, sensors, and much more.
  • SCADA system visualizers.

We use the modern equipment to assemble our automated control systems such as VEGA, WIKA, Bernecker, KROHNE, and many more. You can request for your desired assembly equipment too.

We at Metan can provide reliable Automated Process Control Systems for your food processing industry in UAE, KSA, Bahrain, and other countries of MENA region. Contact Us for details.