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Gidrosend LLC is known as the leader of the Ukrainian food industry. Modern and high-tech production facilities of the company operate in the village of Vlasovka, Kirovograd region. The main brands of Gidrosend, which are well known to consumers, are «Kukhar Rishelie» and «Korolivsky Smak». The manufacturer supplies the market with high-quality products like ketchup, sunflower oil, various sauces and similar products.

The first product of the company was mayonnaise, the production of which began in 2012. In 2014, Gidrosend began the production of a variety of tomato sauces. In 2014, the plant was equipped with the full cycle sunflower oil extraction facilities incorporating the most recent advances in technology. The company is one of the most innovative manufacturers in the country, ensuring uninterrupted supply of the highest quality products to consumers.



Vlasovka, Ukraine