Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

In oil mills and oil refinery plants, vertical pressure leaf filter is widely used to purify the edible oil and industrial oil. It is an industrial machine intends to extract the other particles from the oil by purifying the oil for final use. Mostly the vertical pressure leaf filter purifies the oil in different stages of production. The oil is purified applying winterization, primary purification, bleaching, etc. by the help of vertical pressure leaf filter.

Vertical leaf filter consists of the following parts:

  1. A vertical tank with an elliptic cover
  2. The cover also has a folding bolt connection
  3. An inlet and an outlet
  4. A vibrator
  5. A flip structure
  6. Filter leaf
  7. A slagging valve

Vertical pressure leaf filter is designed with the unique structure. To control and monitor the repository flow of the oil and the processing procedure of oil within the machine, the designer has put an observational light is mounted on the top of the supply and lateral pipe line.


Technical features of Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

Technical features of Vertical Pressure Leaf Filter

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