Also known as the Toaster, the tub evaporator is used for wet-heat treatment of oil cake with a purpose of solvent residue removal from oil and solvent residue itself.

The Toaster consists of a vertical column with several sections known as pans. Their walls are heated with water steam. The cap with fittings is established over the upper pan and is used for solvent vapor taken out as well as for cake feed. The collectors with injectors are mounted under the pans bottoms. They are used for direct water steam input through the bottom screens. This improves cake conditioning and solvent topping. Also there are blade mixers serving for:

• Raw stuff mixing

• Raw stuff movement

Control valves are used for controlling the cake level in each pan. The discharging product temperature can be adjusted manually or using the automatic control system. Cap fitting serves for discharging solvent vapor to the condensers.

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