Screw Oil Press

A screw oil press is basically an oil-producing machine driven by a screw. The press extracts oil from kernels and seeds. The oil extracted is used for edible or biofuel functions. There are different types of oil presses on the market today designed to extract oil from a variety of plant seeds including sunflower, soybean, corn germ, cottonseed, palm kernel, and many more.

Screw oil presses provide a mechanical way of acquiring plant oil by pressing the materials that have previously been prepared. Screw presses are differentiated by the functions they serve in the oil extracting process. There are the forpresses and the expellers which are used in the final stage of oil pressing.

The basic structure of a screw press

The basic structure of screw oil presses is composed of a feeder, a gearbox, a screw shaft, the pressing cage, and the machine stand. The most important part of the machine is the pressing chamber which includes a pressing cage and the rotating screw shaft inside the cage. The entire unit is completed by an electric cabinet that helps you control the process.

Why choose our screw oil press machines?

There are many reasons why our screw oil presses are superior to the rest of the market. Here are a few reasons why you should choose our oil presses:

  • Our oil pressing machines are designed to extract oil from a wide variety of vegetable oil seeds
  • Our oil presses have a simple design and are quite easy to operate
  • They work continuously at the lowest noise level.
  • You get a higher oil yield from our screw presses
  • All our presses are designed for energy efficiency.

Our oil press machines come in different models and with different capacities. Below are some of the technical specifications of each model. Find one that perfectly meets your oil extraction needs.

Screw oil press forpress in UAE


Screw oil press forpress ПШ-70

Forpress ПШ-70 is the brand of screw oil press which allows initial oil is pressing from the oilseeds. It works as the double pressing scheme which is the technological aspect of obtaining oil from the oil seeds. After completing a short cycle, the screw oil press forpress can be used in single stage pressing from double pressing.

Screw oil press forpress in MENA


Screw oil press forpress ПШ-300

Screw oil press forpress ПШ-300 is an oil processing machine which is used to collect oil by pressing the oilseeds. To obtain predetermined variants of oil, in the oil industry, the screw oil press ПШ-300 is used.

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Screw oil press expeller 2ПШ-25

To get the final oil pressing from the different oil plants seeds like soya bean, sunflower seeds, rape seeds, sesame, etc., the Screw oil press expeller 2ПШ-25 is used.

Screw oil press forpress

We at Metan can provide reliable Screw oil press expeller and forpress for your industry in MENA region. Contact Us for details.