Technical Specifications of the Rotary Film Drying Machine

The rotary film drying machine of the brand РПА 1080/950, the numbers being the diameters of its conical rotor in millimeters, is basically a horizontal vessel that comes with a circulating rotor. It is used to dry off hydration separated from the oil in the hydration process.


Technical characteristics of the horizontal rotary film drying machine for drying sediment

Parameter nameValue
Heating surface, m26,5
Performance by hydration sediment, kg/hour370
Weight, kg6700
Performance features:
 - tapered contour and a rotor with an adjustable gap thickness of evaporated film;
 - with two tanks for circulating barrier fluid
The residual pressure in the vacuum enclosure mmHg, max50
The steam temperature in the steam jacket, 0C, max110
Overall dimensions, мм
 - length3000
 - diameter of the rotor1100/1250

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