Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

Horizontal pressure leaf filter is built horizontally to purify the plant oil and mineral oil. Apart from purifying the mineral oil, it is also used to purify other liquids like juice, syrup, crude oil, lubricating oil, sulfur, etc. The application and use of the pressure leaf filter are completely automatic. No hand intervention is needed to process and purify the oil. For purifying and processing the good oil bleaching, winterizing, deodorizing, etc. procedures are followed.

Though the horizontal pressure leaf filter is mainly used as an oil purifier in the edible oil industry, it is also used widely in the beverage, petrochemical, pharma, and chemical industries to purify different carbon steel friendly liquids.

The common features of horizontal pressure leaf filter are:

  1. It is made with a horizontal tank which comes with a removable cover. As it is placed horizontally, so it takes more space than the vertical pressure leaf filter. But its compact and light features make it attractive to the oil filtering industry.
  2. The body of the horizontal pressure leaf is made with the stainless steel hence no extra cost of washing and maintenance of the filter is required.
  3. The processing and purifying procedure are higher comparative to the same filtering area.
  4. The cake automatically discharged by the vibrator option. Both of the wet and normal cake discharge options are available.
  5. Its close pressurized operating system ensures the zero spillage and loss of the liquids. So the working area remains clean generally with the horizontal pressure leaf filter.
  6. While filtering the oil, very low percentage of unfiltered retention in cake left there.
  7. The complete purifying procedure shall be supplemented by the machine itself. And after purifying the cake discharge is also done by itself without any manual help.

So with these various types of great features, the horizontal pressure leaf filter is ruling the entire oil filtering industry as well as other liquid purifying industries.


Technical features of Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

Technical features of Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter

Horizontal Pressure Leaf Filter in UAE

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