Our Launched Projects. PJSC «Nezhinskiy ZhK»

Among our partners there are both relatively small and very large manufactures. PJSC «Nezhinskiy ZhK» belongs to the second type.

This production is located in the city of Nizhyn, Chernihiv Oblast, Ukraine. It produces a variety of vegetable oils – sunflower, olive, linseed, soybean, and others. Products of PJSC «Nezhinskiy ZhK» are exported to more than 50 countries. Oil is shipped in a wide variety of containers — from large tanks and barrels to ordinary 1-liter bottles. A laboratory equipped with the latest technology allows the company to maintain the highest quality standards.

Services are also provided for drying, refining and storage of products – the elevator for storing seeds with a capacity of 35,000 tons, which is equipped with two modern productive dryers, is located on the territory of the factory. The annual production capacity is about 100 thousand tons of oilseeds. In addition to food products, the company also manufactures paints and varnishes, including high-quality natural and synthetic drying oils.

The company has a long history, which began back in 1896 from a small private production. This is one of the country’s oldest factories in this field. Today it is a large complex, which is included in the TOP-10 of the most powerful oil extraction plants in Ukraine (according to the data for 2018), the products of which are known and respected by many consumers from different countries.

Our cooperation with PJSC «Nezhinskiy ZhK» began 20 years ago, in 1998. This is one of our oldest and trusted partners. Cooperation with this company is also significant in that it was for PJSC Nezhinskiy ZhK that we supplied the very first filter of our production. Productive cooperation began with this transaction, over the years of which we have provided the manufacturer with a wide variety of equipment – filters, presses, braziers, etc. Thanks to our efforts, in 2018 the company opened a new press unit, as well as an extraction line for sunflower seeds with a capacity of 1000 tons per day.