Oil Pressing Line Equipment — another example of our products

The range of our products is very wide. We are engaged not only in the creation of integrated plants for the extraction of vegetable oil, but also provide a complete range of oil pressing line equipment.

Among the main advantages of our equipment its high quality at a competitive cost can be called. These products meet all modern requirements and created using the highest Europeans standards. It is important to note that we manufacture a variety of equipment, that is available in a diverse range starting from 50 to 1500 tpd. Our company creates two main types of complete oil pressing lines that based on the typical classic hot-pressing system. This equipment is ready to process oil from a wide variety of raw materials, from oilseeds to rapeseed, and many more.

It is also important that the lines we create are very easy to install and set up. The production based on them does not require a large amount of labor. It will work for years without complaints and will quickly pay for itself. You can find more information about this equipment on this page.

At the moment, our oil pressing line equipment is installed and successfully used at a number of companies from Ukraine. Their number is constantly increasing and at the moment the list is as follows:

  • PJSC “Vinnitsa ZhK» (Vinnitsa city);
  • PJSC “Nezhinsky ZhK” (Nezhin city);
  • LLC “Ukroliya” (Zenkov city, Poltava region);
  • LLC “Vasischevsky ZRM” (Vasischevo city, Kharkiv region);
  • LLC “Agro Capital Group LTD” (Kharkiv city);
  • LLC “Agroaktiv” (Pysanka village, Kirovograd region);
  • PE “Victor and K” (Vlasovka village, Kirovograd region);
  • PE “Zahid-Agroinvest” (Lanovtsy village, Ternopil region);
  • LLC “AKVIA” (Lozovatka village, Dnipropetrovsk region);
  • LLC “Dolinsky KKZ” (Dolinskaya village, Kirovograd region);
  • LLC “Melitopol MEZ” (Melitopol city);
  • PJSC “ADM Ilyichevsk” (Ilyichevsk city, Odessa region);
  • PJSC “Mironovsky bakery product” (Mironovka city, Kiev region);
  • LLC “United Orel Elevator” (Pereshchepino city, Dnipropetrovsk region).

All of those companies provide only positive feedback for our products.

Now we are offering our oil pressing line equipment to companies from the MENA region. We expect that the demand for our products will be high because it has already proven itself in the best way and has shown its reliability and efficiency in use. We are confident that our equipment will have the most positive impact on the development of industry in the entire region.

Note. Working with large manufactures, we usually choose a strategy to offer extraction line instead of pressing line equipment. This approach for companies with a capacity of more than 200 tons per day is more cost-effective. Although the initial costs are higher, in the end, the payback is many times faster, and losses are minimized.