Among the companies with which we successfully cooperate Sophiyivka Oil Extraction Plant, Private Enterprise «Lux Oil» can be named.

The company is located in Ukraine, Mykolaiv region, in the Sophiyivka village. It is one of the largest producers of sunflower oil in the country. «Lux Oil» also produces a range of useful products such as sunflower phosphatide concentrate and sunflower extracted meal. From production wastes (husks from seeds) pellets are made, which are then used as fuel.

Initially, the company worked on outdated equipment. But today all production capacity was completely refitted (partly owing to cooperation with us). Now «Lux Oil» uses only the latest equipment to create high-quality products in large volumes. The extraction line has a capacity of 500 tons/day for sunflower seeds. All the company’s products comply with strict modern standards.

This project was very interesting for us. We are glad that we were able to take part in the development of such a modern company.