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After-Sales Service


Technical Assistance

Our in-house experts and engineers are ready to assist you in case of any technical malfunction of our equipment. Whenever you require an evaluation of your plant equipment operating conditions, a team of experts will be at your side to provide you with professional suggestions and solutions.

The technologies we use allow us to identify any technical malfunction or fault in mere hours, and provide the best possible solution required to get your equipment back up and running.

Furthermore, our expertise can help you to optimize your existing production line and recommend you the right spare parts, or even avoid potential troubles before they appear.

You can request our service via email, telephone or fax. Now, English, Russian, Ukrainian and Arabic on-line services are available. We will be glad to help you.

Spare Parts

We have almost all key spare parts for any or our products in stock in case of an emergency spare part demand. Upon receiving a request from you, we will do our best to deliver it within the shortest amount of time. Note that Metan FZC always recommend you to purchase only our genuine spare parts. This way, we will be able to guarantee the highest quality and smooth operation of our equipment, and as result - stable production of edible oil. From our side, we will guarantee the quickest delivery to minimize your loss as much as possible.


Metan FZC has an experienced technical team with deep knowledge of our products. Upon our Customer's request, we will arrange a comprehensive training program to ensure our customer's staff members are familiar with our equipment and are able to operate it effectively.

These training program can be performed at your production site by our qualified specialists after the installation and setup of the equipment.

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