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Regional Expansion

expansion to MENA

The Middle East and North Africa is a developing and dynamic hub, attractive for investment and expansion.

A growing population and wealth, together with substantial efforts to develop industries outside of traditional oil and gas production, generate various business opportunities across the region. Moreover, one of the least demanding tax systems in the world makes the region attractive for foreign businesses.

The MENA is blessed with a geographical advantage. With trade route patterns recently shifting from traditional developed economies to emerging Middle East and Asian economies, it becomes a vital entry and distribution point for freight movement between East and West. New trade corridors between Asia, Africa and Europe are redefining global supply chains and boosting the region’s importance as a strategic gateway. This is being facilitated by the region’s enhanced connectivity, infrastructure, world-class logistics facilities, free trade zones and large-scale sea and port expansions. In the nearest future, the region will see its position strengthen as a major trading and transshipment center in the global arena.

We at Metan FZC recognize this pattern, and see MENA region as highly attractive for our business expansion. We strongly believe that the Region will remain resilient on its path of economic growth, and look for opportunities to be part of it.